Friday, October 18, 2013

Yes, I cut shirts.

Gonna show you guys how I cut my t-shirts that have super tight neck lines.
Am just gonna post pictures cos I suck at writing procedures. Now, go on.

Yayyyy. You made it to the endddd!!! OK

Ok la. Quite bad hor my photography skills. HAHAH

My life update?:
My phone charge is screwed. It charges at the rate of 1% every 20mins. WTF. Sometimes it only charges up to 50+ after the whole night. Sucks pretty bad aye?
Plus, my internet is working hell slower than how i drive...
it's like, 0.7K/S ALL THE TIME.
Can't watch drama, can't do assignment.. life sucks...
Another thing is..... I'v been hitting the gym lately. Hopefully I'l get some results.
Also, I will be trying out a product.. Not gonna say anything about it yet.
I'll post about it if it works for me kayz?


Friday, September 27, 2013

What was I doing for the past few weeks? IDONTKNOW?


Need the drum rolls to welcome me back and also congratulate me. HAHA. Praise myself pulak. what am I doing?

So, it has been pretty tough this term. Cos we had prac teachers who came in and teach us some... half bucket knowledge.. HAHA IM SO MEAN. I'm actually only referring to one teacher. Smart move to use "teachers". HAHA dafuq anyways. Yeah. I think I did great tho, as in my results. *Praising myself again.. oh well*

By my twitter and instargram, bet you guys know that Im on my Ls now. If you didn't know, well well well... Just be cautious ... This mad asian kid might hold you up for 5 minutes while she parks her fcking car HAHAHAH.
Ya. I got horned so many times. But I was still buey paiseh-ly (which means not ashamed in hokkien) holding up my hand sign and reverse, go in, reverse, go in. Seriously... driving is not easy. FOR ME. Cos I suck in multi tasking. Explains why I couldn't stand my previous job. HAHAHA

Funny thing is, I keep forgetting my signals. My instructor literally screams at me. And I'm just like, OH SHIT YA HOR. OKOK. *turns on signals eventho I already turned* . then my instructor just shook his head and laughed. HAHAHA. How many of you have got such funny driving instructors? hahahaha
he's awesome ! ')

And he loves my theory work. SHO CUTE RIGHT? AHAHAHA

 Me, casually taking selfies in the car, as usual. :p

FYI, this is where I work. I iron . Yes. Wifey material ;) 
Can be a very successful housewife. Oh yeah. HHAHA

Sometimes baby sit as well. Same place.
Meet Lawrence <3 My qt pie
So... how many loves for me?
Such a full time wife material. Very hard to find dy. HAHA

sneak peak of my next two posts :p

I swear I look like this right now. Freaking tired.
Been in the gym almost everyday this week.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Light and Tangy

"Life is like a box of chocolates. You'll never know what you're gonna get"

Annyeong evweone. 
Last post : mom's coming
This post: mom's gone ):

Time really past fast aye. Another three months and I'll be going home.
I miss being a bestarian.
seems like so much is happening there. My friends, the bypassers..

Oh well. I'm getting the hang of it. I'm trying my best to change
Not that I'm changing for anyone
It's just that I've reached this moment when I really think I need a change, and I need to
My attitude, the way I speak, my diet
I wanna change everything
Tell me it's possible?

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shopping in Harbour Town

So so so so so I'm backkkk
Just felt like showing off what I bought. MEHEHEHE

White scarf from cotton on 
$5 with any purchase. Original price was $19.95
Very soft and wooly but quite thin as well. Perfect for Perth since it's not as cold as Melbourne or places that snows :)

Green scarf from Cotton on
$2 only !
Dark grey jumper from Factorie for $9.95
The material inside is quite rough but it should be fine when wearing another layer inside. 
I know I know, studs are outdated already... But I needed more jumpers so, don't judge :p

3 for $15 long sleeves from Cotton On
Got one M size cos I can wear it as a dress too. TEEHEE

Got this lounge printed tee from Cotton on Body for $5
I only spent $22 in cotton on. 
Thats why I love love love Harbour town.
So cheapskate, like aunty buy vegetables in pasar. HAHAHA

Fake denim top with leather studded collars. Another outdated one but $9.95 from Valley girl, that's a cut !
High waisted black denim shorts for $9.95, from Valley girl too :D

Only thing I'm looking forward to for summer is the clothes !
I can't wait to wear opaque/chiffon outerwears with a tube inside, high waisted shorts, tanned skin, light hair. Oh gosh <3
Not to forget, the heels !
Love high-high heels for summer. :D

Jeffrey Campbell inspired heels
Got them from City Beach for $29.95
Not so bad kannnn? 

I guess that's all I've got ... Best $100 I spent for the past three months. LALALA

Share a happy news dengan you guys.
My mama's coming to Perth again !!!!!!!!
So excited. 

Also also also.....
If you guys follow me on twitter, you would know that I was planning to apply for TAFE next year. 
But now I'm not able to cos I'm still under 18-.-
SO yeah... I'm gonna continue in high school. in Como...
I'm actually kind of worried.
I picked 2 Maths for next year. And both of them are higher maths.
Then I've got IT and economics..
Worst thing is... I've got Indonesian.
I'm going mad. LOLOL
AT the same time, I'm actually kinda excited. 
Year 11 is gonna be an adventure. New chapter of my life.
Can't wait to be able to drive to school.
Drive like a boss. Do the hair commercial pose
*Flings hair and shakes head* 
-macam yes tapi bukan-

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What's the point of receiving all the certificates when nobody is satisfied nor feeling appreciative for my hard work? i don't even know why I'm having such high expectations for myself.  why can't i think like a normal teenage girl who trips over every obstacle in life and still fall for the same shit? Why can't I just be a childish girl who falls in love with every guy and have a bunch of girlfriends to gossip with?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Another dramatic one

What do you do when you find out your friends ask your other friends out but not you?

What do you do when all your friends back the mean one up but not you?

What do you do when your friends talk about something common they have with them but not you?

What do you do when all you have is a phone to act busy with and ignore others' laughters?

Because I feel like crap. and I dont know what to do.

 Meanwhile, I shall let my armour protect a part of me, before I get shot. Because what doesn't kill you DOESN'T make you stronger.

Monday, July 15, 2013


I'm trying my best to stop procrastinating. I'm sorry if I've promised anyone that my blog will be updated but still no sign of entries. I'm sorry that I'm being such a D for time management. ):

大家好。我今年 16岁。我16岁的生活,已经到第4个月 3天了。我今年生日愿望就是,我要很努力做每一样事情。要认真做人。
我 曾经是个幼稚 霸道 自私 小气 的小女孩。我一直以来都觉得我是世上最倒霉 最可怜 每次被冤枉 的人。我觉得爸妈很偏心,觉得朋友们都对我不是真心,觉得我没人爱,觉得我很笨。我会很妒忌别人拥有我没有的。我会妒忌别人 有那么好的爸妈。我会妒忌别人美,别人有好朋友。我会妒忌别人的聪明。
在我14岁的时候,我变得很坏。人家越不喜欢,我就越要做给他们看。因为我觉得,“你们可以不喜欢,我也可以不喜欢。你们选择喜欢,不代表我要喜欢。” 我开始在班上睡觉,不听课,特地fail考试,不做folio. 我当时以为自己很’yeng‘ 。。以为很多人会比较喜欢这样的我,会有很多人’顺拜’我。因为我13岁喝过酒,我一直和别人提,我会喝酒。我有多厉害,去到夜店多好玩,认识多好的人。坦白说,有三分之一是假的。很多都是夸张得说出来。因为我喜欢别人羡慕我的感觉。
2011年的圣诞节,我问了妈妈,“明年我转校 还是。。?”
妈妈拿着红酒杯 看着我 ,“明年? 你想怎样? 你想要去澳洲还是什么?”
我想了不久。不到2分钟。 我说,”去澳洲“。
好。2012年的3月15日,我来了澳洲读书。刚来的时候,我每晚都会skype/facetime/tango 我朋友。很想念他们。过了不久,我们各有各忙。少了联络。我在学校的生活,也过得不太好。在学校,我不说话。我用了3个月去构建勇气 认识第一班人。
我问自己,为什么妈妈可以原谅我的任性。我做了那么多 让她失望的事。为什么哥哥还可以对我那么好。我曾经说过那么多伤害他的话。。
内疚抓着我的心。我对自己说,我要改。我要做个好学生。我要改我的臭脾气。我要学会忍。我要改掉我所有自私 霸道 幼稚 的性格。
一年了。我没有发脾气超过两次。 最多就是不出声。说粗口也是带着开玩笑的口气去说。
前天,我发了脾气。 那种,朋友帮另一个朋友,不帮我,全世界得罪了我 的感觉又出现了。
昨天,我告诉自己,不要为这些 小人 杀死自己的细胞。可是昨晚,那个人又惹到我的火。
今天朋友们问我,为什么不出声。火又来了。 我忍不住 说了。